CyberCrime And Security Review Of The Previous Years

A dissection at the way cyber security landscape has turned out the previous years, the online world has had to deal with a huge number of threats and attacks. Maybe those who have experienced them more have been the companies and enterprises. Away from these, spying has seen the targeting of federal networks and other installations of nation-wide interest in nations in the Middle East as well and the government of the United States.

An assessment of the past year will show the numerous attacks which have been aimed at Google-driven Android platform. The open-source nature of the platform has witnessed the abuse of the feature by malware writers who worked to create malware-infested applications, and these have been released to the Android app market. Unsuspicious Android clients have fallen for the cyber crime ploy. Mobile security and the argument surrounding Android security will be an issue which cannot be overlooked at all. The activities this past year where the Android malware attacks have augmented by over 600% of what was stated the preceding year. These statistics provide integrity to the fact that Android security is required and will be a big conversation point in the coming year in a bid to avert the malware and attacks witnessed on the Android platform. Make sure to visit this website at for more facts about cyber security.

It has been seen that cyber threats are now grave crimes and essential steps and measures ought to be done to face this challenge. Cyber intimidation are no longer just a financial bottleneck, but recent activity shows that cyber threats are developing into a political, safety and a national issue. Hacktivism and spying have been troubling growths that now plague the cyber world. Predictions for the future years shows that some of these intimidation will continue to rise in scale and further plague the cyber community. Get Cyber Security Cours e here!

In the current dispensation of the world, the cyberspace touches and influences on about all aspects of life. Cyber security is then the duty of all stakeholders in this industry to work towards protecting against the recognized threats and working towards averting the further increase in the cyber crime status. The unlucky situation has been that the attacks have taken a non-discriminatory tactic witnessed in the fact that the cyber criminals and their gangs spare nobody.

The sad situation is that the cyber crime monster is nowhere close to being controlled. It has been observed that there is a stable increase in the number of threats recognized each year. Learn about Cyber Security Essentials here!